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Sarah Tomlinson

Enquiring Minds Want to Know…

For years, I asked the questions during interviews with everyone from Deepak Chopra to Miley Cyrus. Plus, I’ve had the thrill of speaking with so many musical heroes — Joan Armatrading (my first concert, ever, in Augusta, Maine, and the best soundtrack for a bitter divorce, according to an informal survey of my friends’ moms), Conor Oberst and Chan Marshall (who sang me a bit of the Bob Dylan song that inspired my name).

So it was a little unnerving to sit on the other side of the tape recorder for once. Luckily, my colleague Mark Shanahan from The Boston Globe went easy on me — he was charming and exceedingly generous with his time when he put together a piece about me and Tila, which ran in his column “Names and Faces” on 12/18. But he still kept me on high alert, quickly cutting to the juicy questions (see below), even though I told him it would be indiscreet to “write and tell.” He pulled the gem about my mom right from this blog o’ mine. Who says that said mom is my only reader? What says she gets her own show (day-in-the-life-of-a-small-town-librarian) before me (author of two TV pilots)? As long as she lets me be an intern.

A shot of Tequila
Would you take dating advice from Tila Tequila (above)? Didn’t think so. But it’s great that the MySpace star and host of MTV’s “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” has written a book. It’s even better that Tequila’s tome is ghost written by Sarah Tomlinson, a former Boston freelancer whose work regularly appeared in the Globe and the Phoenix, among other publications. “No, I did not sleep with her,” Tomlinson said of her sexually ambiguous subject. “But she did teach me how to flirt – it’s all in the eyes. . . . You have to use your eyes.” Called “Hooking Up With Tila Tequila,” the book includes revealing pictures and plenty of bawdy language. “My mom’s a librarian in Bremen, Maine,” said Tomlinson. “But she can’t stock it because it’s too racy.”