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Sarah Tomlinson

Descendants of the Rolling Stones

Perhaps more than any other band, the Rolling Stones (left) shaped the sound and fury of rock ‘n’ roll. For a while, at least, the Stones were the very definition of rock, thanks to their mischievous, glittery camp and fervent, sexed-up strut. Somehow they’re still at it, and their sold-out, world-tour-kickoff shows at Fenway Aug. 21 and 22 promise to add exclamation points to the local summer concert season.

But before Mick, Keef, Ronnie, and Charlie arrive, a host of Stones offspring will hit town: bands and performers who proudly carry the Stones’ musical DNA. Whether it’s the music, a fondness for tight pants, or a certain curl to the lip, these acts prove that, more than 40 years on, the Stones’ legacy – not to mention hairstyles – are alive and well.