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Sarah Tomlinson

But What Do They Snack on When They Write?

By Sarah Tomlinson | May 7, 2015 | Poets & Writers, Writers Recommend

“I’m a big believer in snacking for inspiration. When I’m really struggling with a piece of writing, I get up and make myself a snack. I don’t mean something healthy or practical. I mean a treat that is pleasurable. Like a tablespoon of almond butter with a teaspoon of raspberry jam dropped on top, eaten off the spoon. While I’m standing in my kitchen, relishing my little morsel, I seriously apply myself to solving my current writing quandary. Away from the hard edges of my desk and my computer, and the lines of prose on the page, I get caught up by the pleasure of problem solving, which for me is also the pleasure of writing. Often enough to justify my indulgence, I solve my problem in these moments, or at least find a solution I can try out. After more than two decades of workshops and classes, and reading essays and books on writing, seeking secrets and tips related to the craft, I find myself more often these days considering my favorite writers’ habits. And as I do, I wonder: ‘But what do they snack on when they write?’”