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Sarah Tomlinson

The Last Days of the Midnight Ramblers

Released February 13, 2024 by Flatiron Books

Three Rock & Roll icons. Two explosive tell-all memoirs. One ghostwriter caught in the middle.

Anke Berben is ready to tell all. A legendary model and style icon, she reveled in headline-grabbing romances with not one but three members of the hugely influential rock band the Midnight Ramblers. The band members were as famous for their backstage drama as for their music, and Anke is the only one who fully understands the tangled relationships, betrayals, and suspicions that have added to the Ramblers’ enduring appeal and mystique. That is most evident in the mystery around Anke’s role in the death of Mal, the band’s founder and Anke’s husband, in 1969.

When Mari Hawthorn accepts the job to work with Anke on her memoir, she is dead set on getting to the truth of Mal’s death. She has always been deft at navigating the fatal charms of celebrities, having grown up with a narcissistic, alcoholic father. As she ingratiates herself into the world of the band, she grows enchanted, against her better judgment, by these legendary rock stars. She knows she can’t get pulled in too deep, otherwise she’ll compromise her objectivity—and her integrity.

Filled with all of the glamour and attitude of rock and roll, The Last Days of the Midnight Ramblers is a bighearted page-turner that will appeal to fans of Daisy Jones & The Six and Almost Famous


“An exploration of the many ways celebrities can wield their wealth and power, especially against each other.”


“The Last Days of the Midnight Ramblers is an irresistible foray into the private lives of the world’s most famous rock icons, as observed by the woman hired to curate their secrets. Sarah Tomlinson writes with devastating insight and intimacy about what it takes—and what it takes from you—to be a ghost. I couldn’t look away from this story about art, ambition, power, and our ultimate human desire: to be known.”

Katie Gutierrez
bestselling author of More Than You'll Ever Know